Technical reports

Below we provide an overview of the technical reports produced in i-DREAMS. The reports in italic are classified as ‘confidential’ and will not be made available.

WP1: Project Management

  • D1.1 Project Management Plan (PMP)
  • D1.2 Data Management Plan (download)
  • D1.3 First update of the PMP and DMP WP1
  • D1.4 Second update of the DMP

WP2: State of the art on measuring the driver state and technology based risk prevention and mitigation

  • D2.1 State of the art on endogenous factors for monitoring driver state and exogenous factors for task demand assessment and technologies for monitoring driver state and task demand (download)
  • D2.2 Overview of state of the art technology for safety interventions (risk prevention and mitigation) and assessment of their effectiveness (download)

WP3: Operational design of i-DREAMS

  • D3.1 Framework for operational design of experimental work in i-DREAMS (download)
  • D3.2 Toolbox of recommended data collection tools and monitoring methods + conceptual definition of the safety tolerance zone (download)
  • D3.3 Toolbox of recommended interventions to assist drivers in maintaining safety tolerance zone (download)
  • D3.4 Experimental protocol (download)
  • D3.5 Standard protocol for the handling of Big Data (download)
  • D3.6 Enhanced toolbox of recommended data collection tools, monitoring methods and interventions including thresholds for the safety tolerance zone (download)

WP4: Technical implementation

  • D4.1 A set of flexible modules for sensor data collection, integration and real-time processing (download)
  • D4.2 An algorithm for safety tolerance zone calculation
  • D4.3 A back-end database storing raw and processed sensor data
  • D4.4 A flexible driver-machine interface for real-time warning interventions (download)
  • D4.5 A smartphone app (Android) for personalized driving behavioural feedback (download)
  • D4.6 A web platform for personalized goal setting, tips & tricks, and social gamification (download)
  • D4.7 A guide for driver/operator coaches and trainers on improving safety and ecological driving culture in transport companies based on real driver data (download)

WP5: 4-stage, 5-country experiment

  • D5.1 Organization of the driving simulator and on-road trial experiments in i-DREAMS (download)
  • D5.2 Description of the driving simulator experiment for identifying safety tolerance zones and the performance of in-vehicle interventions (download)
  • D5.3 Description of the on-road driving trials for identifying safety tolerance zones and the performance of in-vehicle interventions (download)
  • D5.4 Development of a unified Big Data fusion framework for exploiting driving performance data in i-DREAMS (download)

WP6: Analysis of risk factors

  • D6.1 Analysis of task complexity factors (download)
  • D6.2 Analysis of coping capacity factors: vehicle and operator state (download)
  • D6.3 An integrated model of driver-vehicle-environment interaction and risk (download)

WP7: Evaluation of safety interventions

  • D7.1 Methodology for the evaluation of interventions (download)
  • D7.2 Effectiveness evaluation of the interventions (download)

WP8: Road map to market and society

  • D8.1 Toolkit for vehicle operator safety (download)
  • D8.2 Exploitation plans (download)
  • D8.3 Policy recommendations (download)

WP9: Stakeholder consultation and dissemination

  • D9.1 Report on survey vehicle operator needs (download)
  • D9.2 Prototype of project’s website (download)
  • D9.3 Dissemination plan (download)
  • D9.4 Update of dissemination plan (download)
  • D9.5 Report on activities and recommendations made by the User & Expert Advisory Board (download)

WP10: Ethics requirements

  • D10.1 POPD – Requirement No. 1