About i-DREAMS

Several factors of driver state negatively impact road safety, such as distraction (in-vehicle or external), fatigue and drowsiness, health concerns (e.g. illness, frailty, cognitive state) and extreme emotions (e.g. anxiety, stress, anger). Moreover, differences in socio-cultural factors are still among the main determinants of road risks. At the same time, technological developments make massive and detailed operator performance data easily available. For example, via new in-vehicle sensors that capture detailed driving style and contextual data. This creates new opportunities for the detection and design of customised interventions to mitigate the risks, increase awareness and upgrade driver performance, constantly and dynamically. The optimal exploitation of these opportunities is the challenge that i-DREAMS faces. The acronym “i-DREAMS” stands for a smart Driver and Road Environment Assessment and Monitoring System.

i-DREAMS output

i-DREAMS team

The i-DREAMS consortium consists of 13 partners, research as well as industry partners, from 8 different countries. The consortium is supported by an Expert Advisory Board (EAB) and a User Advisory Board (UAB). The EAB consists of 5 experts in road safety, human factors and automation. They support the consortium in strategic choices throughout the project by providing useful input in terms of knowledge, network, policy orientation, etc. The UAB of relevant stakeholders supports the consortium in ensuring the research continues to address the key issues as well as providing a major route to implementation of the results.