Safety Tolerance Zone

i-DREAMS aims to define, develop test and validate the concept of the ‘Safety Tolerance Zone’. This concept is an abstract entity, informed by established theory. The term ‘Safety Tolerance Zone’, although abstract in nature, refers to a real phenomenon, i.e. self-regulated control over transportation vehicles by (technology assisted) human operators in the context of crash avoidance.  Want to know more? Read the project flyer

H2020 projects i-DREAMS & MEDIATOR meet up

Team members from i-DREAMS and MEDIATOR have met up recently to discuss a possible collaboration. Both Horizon 2020 projects got kicked off in May 2019. Given the link between the projects and their complementarity, both teams are currently looking for opportunities to organise joint workshops and seminars. MEdiating between Driver and Intelligent Automated Transport systems on Our Roads MEDIATOR will develop a mediating system for drivers in semi-automated and highly automated vehicles...

i-DREAMS presented at European Mobility Week in Maribor

On September 19th the University of Maribor (Slovenia) organised an event related to the European Mobility Week. Students and companies which are active in the Slovenian mobility field, participated by introducing some mobility issues and innovative ways to tackle them. i-DREAMS project researchers Chiara Gruden and Dr Šraml seized the opportunity to present their eye-tracking equipment and the H2020 i-DREAMS project.

i-DREAMS project papers selected for Transport Research Arena Conference 2020

TRA 2020
Two i-DREAMS project papers were selected for presentation at the 8th Transport Research Arena Conference. The conference will take place from April 27th up to April 30th 2020 in Helsinki (Finland) and is co-hosted by the European Commission. Main focus will be "Rethinking transport – towards clean and inclusive mobility". The selected papers are titled "State of the art on measuring driver state and technology-based risk prevention and mitigation:Findings from the i-DREAMS project." (by Ap...

Transport experts wanted for first online i-DREAMS survey

As part of the i-DREAMS project, funded by the EU H2020 research and innovation programme, the consortium partners are developing a driver monitoring system that will provide interventions to keep drivers within a safe driving zone. We would like the help of experts in the field of transportation, to inform the development of the i-DREAMS system by completing the first online i-DREAMS survey. The target audience are transport stakeholders, which includes policy makers, sector specialists (e.g. o...

i-DREAMS prepares driving simulator and pilot vehicles for monitoring

The Horizon 2020 i-DREAMS project is making progress. Last week, a first set of essential technologies was installed in the driving simulator and 2 pilot vehicles. These systems will be used to monitor the complexity of tasks that are executed in a car and the drivers' skills. This way the i-DREAMS partners can study, under real-life and simulated conditions, the complex interaction between driver, vehicle and environment. The goal is to come up with innovative interventions (during the tri...