Deliverable interview 9.5 online now!

Dive right into the 31 public deliverables of the i-DREAMS project by following up on this interesting interview series. This brand new interview focuses on project deliverable D9.5. Antonio Avenoso from project partner ETSC elaborates on the activities of and recommendations made by the User and Expert Advisory Boards. Over the course of the i-DREAMS project, both boards have made essential contributions to the project and its results.

While developing the i-DREAMS platform, the i-DREAMS research team members are focused on realising the best results. Of course, that largely stems from the scientific efforts that are made. To make sure that all of these efforts remain pointed in the right direction, two advisory boards assist the i-DREAMS team in staying on track. In this interview, we had a talk with Antonio Avenoso, from the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), who is the work package leader for WP9 (on communication and dissemination), and the main author of D9.5.