Out now: deliverable interview 4.1!

Dive right into the 31 public deliverables of the i-DREAMS project by following up on this interesting interview series. In this brand new deliverable interview, Carlos Carreiras & André Lourenço from project partner CardioID talk about the set of flexible modules for sensor data collection, integration and real-time processing, that is part of the i-DREAMS platform.

The implementation of the i-DREAMS framework is based on a set of technologies to monitor the context, the driver and the vehicle, and with them assess the ‘Safety Tolerance Zone’ (STZ). The estimation of the task complexity and coping capacity has to be performed in the vehicle, using an edge computing device in real-time to provide timely interventions to keep drivers in a safe driving zone.

The aim of this deliverable was to describe all the modules for monitoring, integration, real-time processing of information and aggregation in the cloud, collectively entitled as the i-DREAMS platform.