Reading tip: deliverable interview 4.6!

Dive right into the 31 public deliverables of the i-DREAMS project by following up on this interesting interview series. In this brand new interview about project deliverable D4.6, Yves Vanrompay from project partner UHasselt talks about the custom-made innovative i-DREAMS web platform for personalized goal setting, tips & tricks and social gamification. This web-dashboard was specifically developed for driver coaches and managers.

In deliverable interview D4.5 we elaborated on the role of the i-DREAMS smartphone app in the post-trip coaching of drivers. We touched upon the functionalities that are provided via the app. In this D4.6 interview, we will elaborate on the web-dashboard that was specifically developed for driver coaches and managers so that they are able to consult driver’s safety performances and to manage and plan the gamification features to even further improve driving behaviour.