Deliverable interview 4.4 online now!

Dive right into the 31 public deliverables of the i-DREAMS project by following up on this interesting interview series. In this brand new interview, André Lourenço from project partner CardioID Technologies elaborates on a flexible driver-machine interface for real-time warning interventions.

Keeping drivers in the Safety Tolerance Zone (STZ), that is what i-DREAMS aims to do. To be able to do so, the system needs to monitor and assess what is going on while driving. The materialization of this concept implies that the infrastructure has both a monitoring as well as an intervention dimension. The monitoring dimension takes into account the driver background and real-time risk indicators associated with the driving performance, as well as the driver’s state and the driving task complexity indicators. A safety-oriented intervention system will be responsible for effectively informing or warning the driver in real-time. This intervention system is to be conducted by the intervention device, providing visual and sound alerts to the driver, as well as other information about the state of the STZ. Additionally, for certain situations, the intervention device will give specific information to the driver, and also act as an aggregator of information, e.g. identification of the driver.