Deliverable interview 3.5 online now!

Dive right into the 31 public deliverables of the i-DREAMS project by following up on this interesting interview series. In this interview with Christelle Al Haddad from project partner TUM we dive into the standard protocol for handling Big Data. During the i-DREAMS experiments, large amounts of data are generated. Therefore it is necessary to provide the necessary protocols for handling those data.

The conceptual framework of the i-DREAMS platform integrates aspects of monitoring (such as context, operator, vehicle, task complexity and coping capacity), to develop a Safety Tolerance Zone (STZ) for driving. In-vehicle interventions and post-trip interventions will help to maintain the STZ as well as provide feedback to the driver. This conceptual framework will be tested in simulator studies and on-road trials in Belgium, Germany, Greece, Portugal, and the United Kingdom (UK) with around 600 participants representing car, bus, truck and rail drivers. These experiments will generate large amounts of data, originating from different modes and countries.