Instrumented i-DREAMS car

Don’t just say ‘car’ to this instrumented vehicle by CardioID! This vehicle holds an impressive collection of innovative monitoring technologies to be used in the i-DREAMS project.

During the i-DREAMS General Assembly meeting in March, in Ericeira, Portugal, the consortium was given the opportunity to get acquainted and go for a short drive on CardioID’s instrumented i-DREAMS car, equipped with a suite of monitoring technologies to be used in the project:

  • CardioWheel – an Advanced Driver Monitoring System that acquires the electrocardiogram from the driver’s hands to continuously detect drowsiness, cardiac health problems and biometric identity recognition.
  • Mobileye – a camera-based driver assistance system that monitors the road environment and provides drivers with audiovisual warnings of potential hazards on the road.
  • CardioID Dashcam – a small camera that records the driving process and provides a roadway scene video triggered by events (e.g. when a Mobileye warning is detected), compliant with the GDPR.
  • CardioID Gateway – a customized IoT Edge Processing Unit that allows continuous aggregation of sensor data to estimate the Safety Tolerance Zone and triggers real-time in-vehicle interventions.

“It has been very challenging to create a modular setup that allows such an integration in different scenarios. We have also worked on optimizing all the parts and simplifying the installation procedure, that will allow the scale up of the project required for the upcoming 4-stage 5-country experiment

André Lourenço, CardioID