How will i-DREAMS make a difference?

Prof. dr. Tom Brijs, IMOB-UHasselt (project co-ordinator):

“i-DREAMS will make a significant step forward towards a safer transport system by taking advantage of increasing automation. We specifically focus on the driver-vehicle-environment interactions and on the human factors affecting the behaviour of drivers. We will make use of technology to monitor and analyse driving behavior. This technology can intervene both during and after the ride. During experiments, for example, sensors in the steering wheel will monitor the driver’s heart rhythm, so that both the driving behavior and the alertness and emotional state of the driver are measured in real-time. For example, the car could give a warning if the sensor detects that the driver is no longer concentrated. Even after the car ride, the driver can be briefed about any dangerous traffic situations that occurred while driving. This can have a sensitizing effect.