Expert Advisory Board, part 3

i-DREAMS has put together five of the most renowned experts in the field of road safety, human factors and automation to provide advice on strategic orientations within the project and reflect on the project progress.

We would like to introduce you to our third expert, Prof. Carol Flannagan from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, USA.

Dr. Flannagan has over 20 years of experience conducting data analysis and research on injury risk related to motor vehicle crashes and was responsible for the development of a model of injury outcome that allows side-by-side comparison of public health, vehicle, roadway and post-crash interventions. She has also applied statistical methods to understanding of the potential benefits of crash-avoidance technologies, and works to develop novel applications of statistics to improve understanding of transporation safety.

“The dynamic aspects of the system can be an impressive added value, just make sure that you make it as concrete as possible.”