Discover the i-DREAMS prototype!

Rapid prototyping of real time monitoring and intervention technologies to be adopted in different vehicle types (bus, truck, private car, rail) enables to better understand the safety potential and implementation challenges related to thelarge scale application in field trials later on in the project. This is exactly why the technology partners in the i-DREAMS consortium have worked together closely on the definition, prototyping and initial testing of different hard- and software solutions under simulated and real-world conditions.

CardioID developed and prototyped an integrated suite of real-time monitoring technologies (OBD-II, Mobileye, CardioWheel, Dashcam) and an in-vehicle data transmission gateway for central cloud data storage and processing. The real time data originating from this set of monitoring technologies will be an important feed into the calibration and implementation of the Safety Tolerance Zone model.

In-vehicle data transmission gateway

“In the next step, we will investigate how real-time interventions can be communicated to the driver in the best way, including the selection of appropriate technologies. We will also be refining the hardware installation procedure, to make it as simple and efficient as possible.”


DriveSimSolutions (DSS) developed a custom driving simulator system based on a real private vehicle mockup in which the i-DREAMS monitoring and intervention technology can be initially tested and optimized before its large scale adoption in the project’s field trials.

“With the development of this simulator system, we provide a platform that matches as closely as possible the real-world conditions of the i-DREAMS field trials for early testing of the Safety Tolerance Zone model and to evaluate user experience and acceptance. In the next step, we will be preparing a heavy vehicle driving simulator for the project.”