i-DREAMS project papers selected for Transport Research Arena Conference 2020

Two i-DREAMS project papers were selected for presentation at the 8th Transport Research Arena Conference. The conference will take place from April 27th up to April 30th 2020 in Helsinki (Finland) and is co-hosted by the European Commission. Main focus will be “Rethinking transport – towards clean and inclusive mobility”.

The selected papers are titled “State of the art on measuring driver state and technology-based risk prevention and mitigation:Findings from the i-DREAMS project.” (by Apostolos Ziakopoulos, George Yannis, Susanne Kaiser, Gerald Furian, Nina Senitschnig, Tom Brijs) and “i-DREAMS: an Intelligent Driver and Road Environment Assessment and Monitoring System.” (by Tom Brijs, Kris Brijs, Susanne Kaiser, Rachel Talbot, André Lourenço, Constantinos Antoniou, George Yannis, Antonio Avenoso, Geert Wets). Both papers will be available on the i-DREAMS project website after the conference.

TRA 2020